Welcome to the world of the possible!

Broadway Partners was formed to create a path to better broadband, by bringing together local communities, investors and communications providers.

We are forever being told that fit-for-purpose broadband is difficult to achieve in large swathes of rural and urban Britain.  We respectfully disagree!

We operate on three key principles:

  1. Anything is possible of you want it badly enough;
  2. Technology is the servant, not the master; and
  3. Finance is a key enabler, not the barrier.

While this might sound somewhat pollyannish, particularly against conventional thinking, we are only following the experience of numerous other countries where truly great broadband is becoming the norm.

We are a group of industry veterans – a combined experience of no less than 100 years (but always looking for new talent to join the ranks), who have come together to overcome these entrenched views, and to make things happen in UK broadband.  We are united in the belief that, if people want the best, they deserve the best. 

Broadway brings what we think is a unique blend of out-of-the-box thinking, innovative technology, long experience and great partners – to deliver outstanding broadband.